Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What can I expect from therapy/sessions?

A: Therapy can look different for everyone, but it will often start with getting to know each other, talking about why you started therapy and some of your goals from the process. Similarly, individual appointments vary based on your goals and what you might be experiencing at the moment. A lot of sessions may be focused around talking and examining patterns in your life, behaviors or thoughts you want to challenge, or how the past impacts you today. Sometimes we work on identifying or processing feelings, or building skills that you can use in day-to-day life. We always encourage you to voice if it feels like something is or isn’t working for you, we want to support you in the way that feels best and most impactful to you! 

Q: Is sex therapy right for me?

A: Sex therapy can be a good fit for people who may be:

Sex therapy can be a space to discuss these and many other topics related to sex, intimacy, gender, relationships, and more with a professional who has specialized knowledge in the area. It can also be a place to talk about non-sex-related things that are happening in your life, just like you would in “regular” therapy!

Q: So do you do "regular" therapy?

A: Absolutely! Many of our clients don’t necessarily have sex as a focus of their therapeutic work– they may be navigating depression or anxiety, doing trauma or grief work, etc. but they want to know that their therapist will be understanding about their lifestyle or relationship, and won’t pathologize it.

Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable talking about sex?

A: That’s okay! We know it can be uncomfortable to talk about. Therapy can be a place to practice talking about sex (practicing makes it much easier!) in a space that is open and accepting. We also want you to listen to yourself and move at your own pace, it’s okay to go slowly and open up as you continue to feel more comfortable.

Q: What if I feel weird about telling you about my kinks?

A: That's okay! It can feel hard to open up to a stranger, especially about kink. You get to decide what to talk about and share in session. Often clients who are nervous to share details about their kinks, life, relationships, etc. feel comfortable disclosing after a few sessions. However, everyone is unique and your therapist will not push you to disclose any information you do not wish to share. 

If there is something you don't feel comfortable sharing but do want to share with your therapist, it may be helpful to disclose that there is something that is difficult for you to share so you can work with your therapist to identify how to create an environment where you feel comfortable doing so when/if you are ready. 

Q: What is different about couples therapy vs. individual therapy?

A: In individual therapy, we focus on the challenges facing that client while developing tools that support the changes they want to make. In couples therapy, we look at the couple as a unit and focus on interpersonal and communication skills and how they can apply those skills to achieve their goals as a team.

Q: What if I want to have therapy with multiple partners?

A: We welcome therapy sessions with more than two people! If you would like to have sessions with multiple partners in one room, we ask that you plan for extended sessions to make sure that there is enough time and space for everyone to be heard. If you are interested in couples sessions with each partner on their own, we suggest that you have different therapists for each of those couples units.

Q: How much does therapy cost?

A: Each clinician has slightly different rates based on their licensure, their training and certifications, etc. Please check the clinician’s individual pages or reach out to them to inquire about fees. Keep in mind that fees may vary depending on how many people are in session, the length of sessions, etc.

Q: Do you offer sliding scale spots?

A: It is important to us to bridge the gap in access to care that being out-of-network providers creates by providing sliding-scale spots. However, this does not guarantee that sliding-scale spots are available. Please check with the clinician you would like to work with to see their individual availability. 

Q: Can I use insurance?

A: Fox & Owl does not take insurance, but we are happy to issue monthly superbills that you can submit to your insurance company for reinbursement. The reimbursement rate depends on your individual plan and coverage, so please contact your insurance company directly to find out what your rate of reimbursement will be.

Q: Do you prescribe medication?

A: We are not prescribers, but we do have some wonderful colleagues we are happy to refer you to. If you are on medication, we are also happy to connect (at your request) with your prescriber to coordinate care.