About Us

Fox & Owl Psychotherapy was established in 2023 by Amy Julia Cheyfitz and Victoria Rohr, sex therapists who met while working at The Pincus Center for Inclusive Treatment and Education. The two easily connected over many shared passions and similar philosophies about how they wanted to show up for clients and the space they wanted to create. Fox & Owl Psychotherapy was created over many long car rides and countless shared meals where AJ and Torie excitedly discussed how to make their shared dream into a reality. 

Why Fox and Owl?

While brainstorming names for our practice, we knew we wanted to pick something welcoming, warm, and personal to the two of us. We both have a shared love of animals (specifically foxes for AJ and owls for Torie), so when AJ threw out the name Fox & Owl Psychotherapy, it immediately felt like a perfect fit. We love many of the symbols they both represent, and we believe so many of those qualities lend themselves to the process of therapy and the skills we build during therapeutic work. Foxes are known for being clever, independent, playful, protective, fearless, resilient, and good leaders. Owls are known to be wise, patient, intelligent, observant, innovative, and good listeners. Even though they are unlikely friends out in the wild, they possess qualities we believe we can all learn from, whether independently or in session together.